NSE has extensive experience in cross-docking. Transferred goods are moved to trailers and containers in a fast and efficient process. That also goes for our dangerous goods (ADR) handling, one of our specialties.

Need to load, unload, tranship and/or store dangerous goods? NSE is one of the few companies in the port of Zeebrugge with all necessary permits and knowhow. Handling ADR goods demands special expertise. Dangerous goods include pressurised bottles (spray cans containing deodorants, hairspray or shaving cream), paints, batteries, glues and more. Our warehouse staff are fully familiar with all applicable procedures and regulations. Products that need to be stored temporarily are always placed in a dedicated area exclusive to the customer.

Our cross-docking services make NSE a full partner in the customer’s supply chain. All palletised goods, including deep sea containers, are handled efficiently, due to our experience and warehousing facilities equipped specially for that purpose. Customers can be confident that transfers will be completed without loss of time.

Need to load and unload excisable goods (bonded warehousing)? We can do that for you too. This demands a specific approach and administrative compliance, which is why we work closely with customs. That ensures customers always have peace of mind that their cargoes have all the documents required for their transport.