Short sea & deep sea transport

NSE arranges transport to destinations across Europe from the port of Zeebrugge in association with short sea and deep sea shipping companies.

Short sea transport is primarily going to such countries as the United Kingdom and Ireland. Scandinavia is also a popular short sea destination. Our main business is covered and container transport of beverages (alcohol, water and soft drinks) and general cargo.

To guarantee goods safety, every cargo is transferred to sealed containers wherever possible, in the cross-docking area on the NSE site.

Deep sea shipping companies can contract NSE for the transport of all types of container arriving in Zeebrugge from the Americas, Asia and the Far East to destinations across Europe. Transport in the other direction (export) is also possible.

We use our own trucks and containers or work with subcontractors. We always look for the most economic solution.

NSE has a very large fleet, ensuring that we can take on every type of transport:

  • Bulk containers
  • Tank containers
  • Trailers with chassis 20DV, 40DV, 40HC and 45HC
  • Refrigerated transports (with Genset 40’ cooling engine)

All logistical processes are coordinated and monitored by our own dispatch department. We use our own integrated software package NaviTrans to ensure proper scheduling, optimal tracking and clear reporting of all transports. That helps us rise to even the most complex logistical challenges.