Our fleet

NSE has an extensive fleet for container and trailer transport (curtainside, coil and mega). The trucks are replaced constantly, a strategic decision that gives customers peace of mind that their cargo is always transported with the latest and greatest vehicles.

Our fleet comprises 270 trucks, from standard to mega. Each truck is equipped with cutting-edge navigation and communication technology, a prerequisite for NSE. We currently use Trimble’s sixth generation CarCube onboard computers, a high-performance system that allows the dispatching service to track every cargo closely and give optimal support to drivers.

To meet customer demands, we also have 500 trailers of various types:

  • Curtainside trailers
  • Coil trailers (curtainside trailers with coil gutter for steel coils )
  • Mega trailers
  • Chassis: 20 ft, 20-30 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft (with 2 or 3 axles), 40-45 ft, 40-45 ft goosenecks, 45 ft genset (for refrigerated transports) 

Sustainable transport is a top priority for a company like NSE. Our fleet is regularly upgraded, ensuring that all trucks meet the Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standard for diesel engines. Our trucks are systematically inspected in our garage – from tyre pressure to particle filter. As well as focusing on safe driving, our drivers also learn to drive as economically and environmentally friendly as possible so as to keep their consumption down.