Domestic and international transport with our own trucks

At NSE we are committed to running our own fleet of well-maintained state-of-the-art trailers.

We have the most advanced trucks available on today’s market, all in perfect condition. All our vehicles are always available for immediate sale. That allows us to keep our fleet up to date at all times, an extra guarantee of safe transport for customers.

NSE holds all required permits for domestic and international transport. We are fully compliant with all domestic and international transport rules. As a member of the transport federation, together with the Port Authority and our customers we regularly attend seminars on changes to legislation and procedures.

Our drivers are an essential part of our transport service. They are professionally trained, fully aware of all rules and regulations and optimally managed by our dispatch department. All journeys are registered by a state-of-the-art onboard computer, too. This BlackBox system is integrated into the scheduling software, ensuring watertight control of driving and rest times and efficient communication with drivers on journeys and routes. 

Our well-equipped fleet can be deployed flexibly to ensure we are able to complete all guaranteed door-to-door transports, goods deliveries and just-in-time drop-offs as agreed.

Delivery: exciting changes

The ecommerce boom has fuelled a sharp rise in demand for goods delivery by road. As an experienced transporter with extensive warehousing facilities, at NSE we can support our customers in this area. Our fleet is ready 24/7 to transport goods between various European distribution centres. And customers can also pick up their small cargoes from our warehouse.